Here is my idea for what I think would be an awesome Movie.

Based very loosley on Marvel's The Avengers, I came up with a rough plot which could combine alot of Horror Icons togeather.

Basic PlotEdit

Herbert West is dying and needs to finally complete his life long mission to succesfully re-animate the dead.

Upon the discovery of a gem, Herbert unleashes the Djinn who offers his usual 3 wishes. The Djinn is however surprised by West's lack of humanity, given his current state, and starts urging him to destroy all humanity, re-animating his dead experiments for him. West now persuaded into world destruction wishes for an army of unearthly monsters. The Djinn responds by summoning a vast army of Xenomorphs. The Xenomorph's lay obedient to West due to the Djinn making them believe he is their Queen, through Hullucinations.

The Xenomorphs set about causing havoc across different parts of the Earth. After countless attacks from soldiers, the American Government issues a "response team" which consists of Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Wolf Man, Imohtep, the Gill Man and King Kong. The team are over run and butchered. The Government then decide they need a more stronger team and set about collecting several of the Earth's "Monsters" to group togeather.

The first team, after a lengthy recruition period, finally consists of Freddy Krueger, Ashley J. Williams, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers (Under the control of the Government), Chucky, Leatherface (Re-Animated using West's formula) and the Creeper. The team are all formed and set about defeating Xenomorph's.

The Xenomorph's (under West's orders) ressurect the corpse of Rawhead Rex to act as West's General. His immediatley is forced into submission and battles with the team. The Xenomorph's also try to uncover Pumpkinhead but he is summoned instead by Chucky using his Voodoo to taim it.

Late additions to the team comprise of: a namless female assassain under the disguise of Ghostface and a Yautja who has formerly visited Earth and encountered the Creeper.

West uses a second wish to summon the Tall Man to his force to act as both an advisor and a means of betraying the Djinn if neccisarry.

There are several battles all across the world and a final battle in an unchosen City.

The "Horror Avengers" are joined by both Candyman, Pinhead and his Cenobites. West also gains Uber Jason Voorhees from the future due to his last wish which activley grants the Djinn perission to let the Xenomorph armies kill West. The Djinn is however unable to let his Djinn Race loose upon the earth due to the Tall Man securing a portal to denie them entry.

A full on War ensues and there are casualties on all sides. With chains killing Xenomorphs, flying spheres battling gainst swarms of Bees, Jason vs Jason X, Zombies taken out by the Yautja and the Creeper.

The Creeper seeting his sights on his most desired feast: the Djinn.